Using compost in agricultural applications will improve the overall health and long-term productivity of your soil. Farming sites are recognising the benefits of using compost for:
  • Reducing the use of chemical fertilisers
  • Improving soil health, particularly on organic farms

  • Compost is generally used in the production of higher value crops, such as vegetables and fruit, and where there is a need for increasing the organic matter content of arid land, including light and sandy soils.

    Our compost has the ability to improve crop yield and improve the size and quality of the produce as it is very high in nutrients and also has the necessary trace elements.

    Some of the benefits of our compost include:
  • Reduces dependence on pre-plant fertilisation
  • Allows for faster plant growth
  • Source of stabilised organic matter
  • Reduces soil compaction in heavy soils
  • Increases the nutritional, physical and biological content of soils
  • Helps moisture retention in light sandy soils
  • Suppresses soil borne diseases

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