Earth Supply Ltd compost and premium topsoil is suitable for use in horticultural application as a growing media component for greenhouse and container media, as well as a soil amendment in field, nursery and nursery bed production. Compost can assist in establishing healthier, larger plants in a shorter period of time and can provide a great benefit in supplying micronutrients and suppressing soil borne disease organisms. Compost is used as a means to reduce the cost of traditional peat based media, reduce on-going maintenance practices (fertilisation and fungicide applications) and as a means to grow a superior crop, in a shorter period of time. The benefits of using Earth Supply Ltd growing media in horticultural applications include:
  • Weed suppression
  • Cheaper than peat moss and many bark products
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to peat based products
  • Allows for faster plant growth and extensive rooting
  • Improves the quantity of plant inflorescence (flower buds)
  • Rich in plant nutrients, thereby allowing for a reduction in fertilisation
  • Suppression of various fungal diseases
  • Organic fertiliser
  • Helps retain moisture in light (sandy) soils
  • Can suppress nematodes