All regeneration of brownfield land schemes will require some element of soil improvement and or remediation. The range of Earth Supply Ltd products can help a scheme fulfil the requirements of regenerating a site for future use in a sustainable way. Earth Supply compost products can be utilised in on-site topsoil manufacture and in reclaiming contaminated soils as a biological method to degrade specific petroleum based contaminants, and can reduce the bioavailability of heavy metals. Earth Supply Ltd products can improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of ‘dead’ soils and are extremely economically viable. The benefits of utilising Earth Supply Ltd products in regeneration schemes include:
  • Replaces more expensive contaminated soil treatment methods
  • Can re-establish organic matter
  • Can fix poor soils nutritionally and reduce/eliminate pre-plant fertilisation
  • Allows for faster plant establishment and growth, and extensive rooting
  • Microbial activity can degrade various petroleum based contaminants
  • Cation exchange capacity of compost helps soils retain nutrients and bind heavy metals
  • Reduces the volume of soil that must be purchased and handled
  • Can help reduce compaction in heavy soils