Sports Turf

Earth Supply Ltd supply a range of high grade organic products for application on technically demanding sports turf areas. The use of Earth Supply products as a means to improve soil characteristics, will allow for more extensive rooting and quick establishment of a variety of grass species. Earth Supply Ltd can provide soil amendments in this application as well as seeding media in applications such as top dressing. Earth Supply compost can also be used as a means of supplying slow released nutrients (especially nitrogen), which are often costly to turf managers, since both warm and cool season turf varieties require a substantial amount of fertilisation. The benefits of utilising Earth Supply Ltd products on sports turf include:
  • Levelling of the playing surface
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Improved moisture penetration and infiltration
  • Improved oxygen and moisture movement in the root zone
  • Proper distribution of fertiliser nutrients and pesticides
  • Reduced disease incidence
  • Reduced requirement for expensive chemical fertilisers year round